0x8007042B-0x4000D:The resolution of the error code of Windows upgrade

Error Code:0x8007042B-0x4000D
Explain how to deal with this error code.When I try to upgrade Windows 10, it seems that it may fail with a "0x8007042B --0x4000D" error. I get the following error:

Windows 10 could not be installed.
Your PC has returned to the state it was in just before you started installing Windows 10.

0x8007042B --0x4000D
The installation failed in the SECOND_BOOT phase due to an error during the MIGRATE_DATA operation.

There are various possible causes for this error.
The main cause is the case where the Windows setup program collides with other background processes.
In Windows, many resident programs are running Windows services. If these processes interfere with the upgrade process. A typical example is antivirus software.

・ Disable resident processes with Task Manager
・ Upgrade with clean boot
・ Temporarily disable antivirus software


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