0x80072f8f:The resolution of the error code of Windows update

Error Code:0x80072f8f
Explain how to deal with this error code.When I run Windows Update, it seems that it rarely fails with a "0x80072f8f" error.
The following message will be displayed at the same time.

"An error occurred while checking for new updates available on this computer."
"An unknown error occurred on Windows Update.

The main cause of this error is an incorrect time on the PC side. Make sure the time isn't significantly wrong. It's okay for a few seconds, but you can't update if it's off by a day or so. This is related to Windows license authentication failure if the date is off.

Double check the date and time of the PC. Check if the NTP server settings are correct.
The following command sample checks the NTP server and then synchronizes. .
"Sending a resynchronization command to the local computer. The command completed successfully. If "" is displayed, the synchronization is successful.

C: \> w32tm / query / source
time.windows.com, 0x9

C: \> w32tm / resync
Resync command is being sent to the local computer
The command completed successfully.

C: \> date
Current date: 2020/07/16
Enter new date: (Year-Month-Sun)

C: \> time
Current time: 17: 25: 30.98
Enter new time Please:

It is often the case that the built-in battery of the main unit is dead and the date cannot be saved and the time is significantly different, such as when using an old PC. If this error occurs on an old PC, it is built-in. Check the battery.


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